Israeli leaders address Yom Hazikaron on social media

Politicians from the entire political spectrum take to social media their thoughts on Israel's Remembrance Day.

Akiva Spiegelman ,

הדגלים ברחבת הכנסת מורדים לחצי התורן
הדגלים ברחבת הכנסת מורדים לחצי התורן
צילום: דוברות הכנסת, נועם מושקוביץ

Israel's Yom HaZikaron, a day meant to commemorate those who lost their lives during wars and terrorist attacks, leaves no dry eyes in the nation.

Political leaders took their thoughts to social media in order to honour lost friends and comrades.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saluted Israel's 23,928 fallen soldiers. Yesterday (Monday) he visited the grave of his brother, Yoni Netanyahu, killed during Operation Entebbe.

Naftali Bennett paid his respects to friend and legendary soldier Emmanuel Moreno.

Bezalel Smotrich thanked Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi for his heartfelt speech during the Yom HaZikaron opening cerement

Efrat Rayten dedicated a post to Shimon Zehavi, a friend of her father's. He was killed in the Tyre headquarters bombings of 1982.

Arye Deri recited psalms and blessed the fallen in a Tweet.

Sharren Haskel thanked the fallen for allowing the State of Israel to be free in its homeland.