Netanyahu: US and Israel are 'mishpucha'

Watch: Israeli prime minister tells US Secretary of Defense that the US and Israel aren't just allies but are 'family'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

ראש הממשלה ומזכיר ההגנה של ארה"ב בירושלים
ראש הממשלה ומזכיר ההגנה של ארה"ב בירושלים
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the US and Israel are like 'family', using the Yiddish term 'Mishpucha' three times during a press briefing with reporters in Jerusalem.

Speaking at a joint press conference with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said that Israel and the US are not merely allies but are also 'mishpucha', the Yiddish word for 'family'.

“You just said a moment ago in our meeting that we’re not just allies, we’re family. We call that ‘mishpucha’," said Netanyahu. "There is so much truth in that statement that our peoples instinctively understand.”

"Secretary Austin, I can say with great confidence that Israel has no greater ally, and certainly no greater mishpucha than the United States of America. And I can say equally that the United States has no greater ally and not better mishpucha than the State of Israel."

Earlier, the two held a closed-door meeting, discussing the continuing military trade between the two countries, maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge, and deepening intelligence cooperation in the region.

Other issues discussed include the US presence in the Middle East, the nuclear agreement with Iran and the Iranian aggression in the Middle East, and strengthening regional cooperation, such as relations with Jordan, Egypt and other Gulf states.