Asa'el Shavo: 'My heart burned'

Terror victim Asa'el Shavo, who lost his right leg when he was nine years old, tells his story.

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Asa'el Shavo
Asa'el Shavo
Courtesy of the family

Asa'el Shavo, a terror victim, recounts the difficult period he and his family went through after his father was ordered to pay compensation to Palestinian Authority Arabs.

"My heart burned," he recalled.

"We had a terrible attack in 2002, when a terrorist who broke into our house with a rifle killed my mother and three of my brothers. I was seriously injured by three bullets in the leg, and lost my right leg at the age of nine.

"As a family we went through a difficult crisis. The house burned down. The State did not support us financially. As a nine-year-old I spent two years in a hospital recovering from that horrible evening.

"After a few years, we sued the Palestinian Authority in court. We won. We were told that there is no one to demand the money for compensation because 'they are not considered a state.' My dad has been working hard for as long as I can remember, all to support us. He rebuilt our home. Got us through the crises and started over.

"Year earlier, in 1996, near Shechem (Nablus), several Palestinians had a checkpoint on the main road, and my father was stopped. One of the Arabs aimed a weapon at him and my dad shot him, wounding him. That Arab sued my father and won, even though my father claimed he shot in self-defense. My father is the last person to hurt someone. He has been a volunteer at Magen David Adom for 30 years. He saved lives when buses exploded throughout Tel Aviv, and drove from Tel Hashomer to help the wounded even while I was hospitalized there after my leg was amputated. This is my father, he has a huge heart."

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Asa'el continued: "This month, the verdict came from the same lawsuit by the Arab. My father has to pay him NIS 85,000 ($25,831)!"

"My father worked hard all his life. Recently my father underwent a fourth hip operation. Some of the problems in his hip were created because I had to be carried after the attack. So my dad is limping, every day he gets up to work early in the morning and comes back at nine at night, to put food on the table for us.

"Now my father has to find a way to pay the Arabs NIS 85,000 by the end of the month. This situation has put us all as a family in deep trouble. Financially and mentally. I'm sad to see my dad looking for ways to handle this. He tries to make us feel that everything is fine even though everything is not.

"And I am especially sad that the Israeli legal system supports terrorism. It burns my heart."

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