Clashes with leftist protesters outside President's Residence

Hundreds of demonstrators march towards Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, and also reach the entrance of the President's Residence.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Protesters outside President's Residence
Protesters outside President's Residence
Ben Cohen Megaphone News

About 1,000 leftists protested on Saturday night outside the Prime Minister's Residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

Protesters later arrived at the entrance to the President's Residence and police forces dispersed them.

The demonstrators who gathered outside the Prime Minister's Residence called on Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett not to join forces with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and to instead join a bloc that opposes him.

"The people have determined that they want a change in government and will not accept another election campaign," the Black Flags organization said ahead of the demonstrations.

The "Crime Minister" movement said, "The citizens of Israel deserve a full-time Prime Minister who will unite the people and not an accused criminal who incites and divides and who is engaged in escaping from justice. The leaders of the camp of change must recover and form a government that will rescue us from the mess.”

“Bibi, the people have chosen a government of change and healing rather than your government of corruption and Kahanists. As long as you are still in Balfour the protest will continue and intensify. We'll be on the streets until you go!"