Nazi propaganda in Arabic revealed for the first time

Israeli radio reveals old Nazi Arabic recording of 2 Moroccan soldiers seeking to defect to Germany to liberate Morocco.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hitler and the Mufti
Hitler and the Mufti
נאציזם ואיסלאם

Recordings of Nazi propaganda broadcasts in Arabic from World War II were hidden in the cellars of the German public radio archive, for many years.

The propaganda broadcasts included radio programs, news, verses from the Koran and also songs by well-known singers, including Umm Kulthum.

Today, as Israel and Jews across the world mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, one of these rare recordings was played on the 'Misrad Hachayim' radio program on Reshet Bet.

In the recording, which was originally broadcast on May 25, 1944, a conversation was heard between two Moroccan soldiers serving in the French army, allegedly during an attack.

One of the soldiers in the show has a leg injury, and in the end he dies of his wounds. They talk about their distant homeland, the dying man recounting how he misses his family and children, and theyreflect on the evil enemies of the Maghreb (the Arab countries of northwestern Africa) - the French, the British and the Americans.

Shortly before he dies, the soldier advises his friend to defect to the German ranks, that "their hearts are good", and that aid to the Germans will lead to the victory and liberation of Morocco:

"If we go to the Germans, if we help bring about their victory, so it will also be the victory of the homeland - of the Maghreb." The man then died with a smile, being seen in his friend's eyes as a revolutionary, as a tortured martyr of Morocco.