PM Netanyahu moved by Arutz Sheva story on Bella Freund's vaccination

In Yad Vashem address, Netanyahu mentions story of Bella Freund, who overcame her mother's experience with Mengele to get the COVID vaccine.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bella Freund gets the COVID vaccine
Bella Freund gets the COVID vaccine
Hezki Baruch

During his speech at Yad Vashem to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu mentioned the story of Bella Freund, the woman who became famous in 1992 when she rescued a terrorist who had stabbed two Israeli youths from an Israeli mob so that he could be turned over to the police alive.

Arutz Sheva reported the story of Bella Freund, the daughter of Holocaust survivors whose mother endured the experiments of the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. This family history has made Freund apprehensive about invasive medical procedures and the coronavirus vaccine in particular.

Netanyahu said tonight: "I was deeply moved by the story of Bella Freund from Jerusalem, the daughter of parents who went through the Holocaust. Bella's father fled as a boy from Poland to Siberia, and fought in the Red Army against the Nazis. Her mother was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, and later to Bergen-Belsen."

"In Birkenau she stood before the angel of death, a revelator, who performed horrific medical experiments on her. In spite of everything, the mother and father survived, and started a family in Israel. Two months ago, Bella saw an MDA vehicle in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem that came to vaccinate passers-by. A wave of terror flooded her. The thought of stabbing the syringe brought back her family trauma - to her helpless mother, whose fragile body was touched by the devil.

"Despite this, in Mahane Yehuda, Bella encountered not the angel of death, but an angel of a different kind. The paramedic Paddy Dekidak from eastern Jerusalem saw her agonizing dilemma, listened to her story, and told her: "Bella, do not be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. I myself will vaccinate you." Despite her inherent trauma, Bella was successfully vaccinated - thanks to Paddy. Look at what happened here, what came out of the Holocaust: A woman from a haredi family, an Arab-Israeli paramedic, and an exit from the corona to a life of hope."