Danny Danon: 'Those who oppose Netanyahu will use Bennett and then toss him out'

Danny Danon, former ambassador to the UN, warns that Yamina chair MK Naftali Bennett must choose a side. 'There are no shortcuts' to position of PM.

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Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Arutz Sheva

Danny Danon, head of the World Likud and former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, on Wednesday slammed Israeli President Reuven Rivlin's behavior at the Knesset's swearing-in ceremony.

In a talk with Israel Hayom's morning podcast, Danon said that "the feeling yesterday was not easy. The Knesset's swearing-in is an festive and exciting event, but Rivlin's behavior at the Knesset was incorrect."

"Just like he requests that the institution of the presidency be honored, we request that he honor the ceremony and the custom. It would have been proper of him to be in the traditional photograph, and it's a shame that did not happen."

Regarding MK Naftali Bennett, who chairs the Yamina party, Danon said that Bennett must decide which camp he is with.

Bennett, he said, "cannot dance in the morning in [Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair] Lapid's courtyard and in the evening come to the courtyard of [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu. That won't bring him to the position of prime minister. There are no shortcuts, that's a delusion. They will use him and toss him out."