Tribute broadcast to Holocaust survivors by the Massuah Institute

The event will host a diverse gallery of the Israeli society, including jurists, military personnel ,famous authors, artists and more.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: אורנית בן זמרה

Masuah, The international Institute for Holocaust Studies, will dedicate this years main event of the Holocaust Remembrance Day to air a special tribute to Holocaust survivors that will be broadcast on Massuah's social media platforms and website.

The broadcast, titled "It Only Happened Yesterday", is intended to salute the last living survivors while "correcting" the image of Holocaust survivors, whose discussion over the past decade has focused on welfare issues and forgotten their mental strengths, the resourcefulness they showed and how they maintained hope and faith in mankind - as a source of inspiration to us all.

The broadcast, hosted by Sasson Gabay, hosts a diverse gallery of the Israeli society, jurists, military personnel, famous authors, artists and more.

"We are at an historic crossroads, where we are saying goodbye to the last survivors," says Aya Ben Naftali, CEO of Massuah. "We are attempting look at the life journey of Holocaust survivors and in order to extract from it some great truth about life and our identity as human beings, as Jews and as Israelis."