Levana Rothner’s Daughter Gives Harrowing Testimony Of Her Death

They grew up in complete dysfunction which can be noted by the terrible photos taken of the house soon after her death.

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the Rothner children
the Rothner children
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As Levana Rothner of Jerusalem’s sudden death made headlines two days ago, her family’s terrible secret was finally exposed. Levana’s husband has been in and out of the picture for years and her children were left to fend for themselves, without a father figure and without a mentally stable mother. They grew up in complete dysfunction which can be noted by the terrible photos taken of the house soon after her death.

Last Friday night, soon after Levana lit the Shabbos candles, she suddenly collapsed in front of her children. The oldest child quickly called Hatzolah, but when the volunteers came, there was no empty space on the floor to perform CPR. In the end they had no choice but to drag Levana out of the house where they tried to resuscitate her. But tragically, she passed away as her children looked on.

The doctors are still baffled as to what caused Levana’s sudden death but their assumptions are Covid, a heart condition, or a combination of both.

Despite the fact that Levana clearly suffered from severe dysfunction, her children loved her. Now that she has passed away, they are completely broken. The one person they were able to rely on is now gone. Levana’s five unmarried children are sitting shiva at home. The oldest, only 17, writes:

"We cannot stand another moment in this poverty, neglect and dysfunction. Especially the little ones need to be removed from the traumatic memories. We need to move to a normal, safe home. We need to rebuild our lives."

Years ago, Levana’s three oldest children were adopted by an uncle who didn’t have any children of his own. He was able to provide them with a normal childhood and even sold his own apartment in exchange for funds with which to marry them off. After Levana’s death, he expresses a strong desire to adopt the rest of the children and to help them rehabilitate so they can live normal lives, but the sums are huge and he admits that he has no resources left.

Right now, the Rothner children need food to eat. They need a safe, warm, and clean home to live in. They’ve suffered enough. Click here to donate to the Rother family's emergency campaign. It’s time to help them rebuild.