New rules for Memorial Day

The IDF has published new instructions for the public as Memorial Day approaches.

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Memorial Day
Memorial Day
צילום: אגף דוברות והסברה במשרד הביטחון

In preparation for Remembrance Day 5771 and in light of public health restrictions, a new protocol has been formulated to honor the memory of the fallen, while following guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

The general public is asked to visit the cemeteries a week before Memorial Day to allow bereaved families to be reunited with the memory of their loved ones, while maintaining healthy social distance.

In the week before Remembrance Day, IDF commanders and soldiers, in cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of Defense, will welcome visitors to the cemeteries, and together with students from around the country will place memorial candles, wreaths and Israeli flags on the graves of the fallen.

On the Day of Remembrance for the Martyrs of the Israeli Armed Forces, state memorial ceremonies will be held in the military cemeteries throughout the country. In addition, the IDF will hold ceremonies at the memorial sites and in various units.

In addition, unlike previous years in which soldiers were stationed near the graves of the fallen - this year an officer and a quorum of ten soldiers will visit the cemeteries for a more limited salute to the fallen.

IDF commanders and soldiers who have studied the legacy and stories of the fallen will light candles in their memory on the Yizkor website and will continue to fulfill their role in defending the country with dedication and pride, out of a deep commitment to the memory of the fallen and out of appreciation and love for their families.