US Supreme Court dismisses case against Trump’s blocking of Twitter critics

Previously, an appeals court had ruled that former President Donald Trump infringed upon first amendment rights by blocking Twitter critics.

Dan Verbin ,


The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a federal appeals court ruling that former President Donald Trump infringed upon first amendment rights when he blocked critics from his Twitter account.

The case was for all purposes already irrelevant with Trump losing the 2020 election and Twitter banning the former president from its platform for his statements during the January 8 Capital riots.

Nonetheless, the two sides continued their legal battle over the results of the appeals court decision. While Trump was still in office, the Justice Department had asked the Supreme Court to overturn the decision, while the parties suing Trump had asked that the ruling be upheld.

The case was brought forward by seven people who Trump blocked after they criticized him. The seven, along with Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute, sued Trump.

Twitter was not involved in the case.

The Justice Department had argued that the appeals court ruling by the New York 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would open the door to public officials being unable to block their social media pages from hate speech, harassment and trolls.

The seven blocked tweeters said that there were other measures the government could take to block purposely offensive posts while upholding the first amendment rights of those posting critical comments.