Iran claims to have arrested 'Israeli spy'

Iran says spy network suspected of fraud, forging documents and checks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Iranian missile display in Tehran
Iranian missile display in Tehran

Iranian authorities claimed Monday to have arrested an 'Israeli spy' in the northwestern part of the country, Iranian media and news agencies reported Monday.

The reports did not specify whether the alleged spy was an Israeli citizen, Iranian citizen, or a resident of another country.

"An Israeli spy was arrested in the eastern province of Azerbaijan, along with other spies who were in contact with intelligence agencies from other countries," local intelligence sources in Iran were quoted as saying.

According to a press briefing given by the district governor, the detainees are suspected of fraud, forgery of documents, and forgery of checks. He said more than 50,000 checks worth 18 billion Iranian rials had been discovered.

Iran has arrested foreign nationals in the past on false charges of spying for Israel. In 2018, Iran arrested Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert, whose husband at the time was an Israeli citizen, and sentenced her to ten years in prison on the false charge that she was an Israeli spy. Moore-Gilbert was released late last year in exchange for three Iranian prisoners in Thailand.