Summer weather - for two days

Two days of hot, dry weather to be followed by drop in temperatures, forecast predicts.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hot weather
Hot weather

After the end of Passover turned cold and wintry, Israelis can expect a few warm days before the next cold bout.

Monday's weather will be clear with a significant rise in temperatures. In Israel's inland and mountainous regions, the weather will become warmer and drier than usual. Along the coast, temperatures will be slightly higher than seasonal average. During the afternoon hours, winds will pick up along the coast.

Tuesday will see an additional rise in temperatures, with the weather becoming hot and dry in most areas of Israel. During the morning hours, strong eastern winds will blow in northern Israel and the central mountains.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy or clear. Temperatures will drop significantly, and humidity will rise along the coast and in the lowlands. In the mountains and inland regions, the weather will still be warmer than usual and dry to very dry.

Thursday will be partly cloudy and temperatures will drop again, but remain just higher than seasonal average.