Ben Caspit: 'Suddenly Netanyahu is trying to be national peacemaker'

Maariv journalist slams PM Netanyahu, says it's 'too late' to backtrack on how he treated MKs Bennett and Sa'ar throughout the years.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ben Caspit
Ben Caspit
Miriam Alster/Flash90

Maariv journalist Ben Caspit attacked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's behavior towards Yamina chair MK Naftali Bennett and New Hope chair MK Gideon Sa'ar throughout the years.

"Try to remember for a moment what Bennett has been put through by the trolls who live in the Prime Minister's Residence: They spread stories about him, they demanded Walla!'s editors slander his deceased father, his chef wife, and write negatively about him," Caspit wrote in his column in Maariv.

He noted that in one recording published by Nir Hefetz, Netanyahu can be heard calling Bennett a "little dog."

"Now the government and political life is dependent on a hair," Caspit wrote. "That's the reason that Netanyahu is suddenly trying to be national peacemaker, the one who is volunteering to 'put all our resentments behind us.' He has no other option."

"In my opinion, he is too's already accumulated. All of those who he has stepped on, shamed, embarrassed, and used on his way up are waiting for him now on his way down."