Smuggling on the Egyptian border - worth 2 million shekel

IDF soldiers set up ambush, foil attempt to smuggle millions of shekels in drugs.

Kobi Finkler ,

The soldiers with the confiscated drugs
The soldiers with the confiscated drugs
IDF spokesperson

IDF soldiers foiled an attempt to smuggle approximately two million shekels worth of drugs across the Egypt-Israel border.

On Wednesday night, IDF observers identified several suspects who were attempting to smuggle drugs from Egyptian territory into Israel, in the Paran Brigade's area.

At the site, the IDF set up an ambush which foiled the smuggling attempt.

The soldiers confiscated approximately 90 kilograms (198 lbs) of drugs, worth approximately two million shekel ($599,878), as well as the vehicle used by the would-be smugglers, and transferred them to Israel Police.

In a similar incident last month, the IDF caught five suspects and confiscated 80 kilograms worth of drugs, worth half a million shekel.