'Urgent action required' - Palestinian Authority taking over 'Area C'

Kobi Eliraz, Former advisor to Defense Minister, says Israel still capable of preventing massive PA takeover of lands in 'Area C.'

Kobi Eliraz ,

Kobi Eliraz
Kobi Eliraz
Photo by Hillel Maeir/Flash90

Channel 13 News' Tzvi Yehezkeli in-depth investigation into the PA's attempts to take over large parts of "Area C" of Judea and Samaria caught wide-spread attention in its 2-part premier on Israeli TV the other week.

Staff of the non-for-profit "Ad Kan" advocacy organization revealed what IDF brass have known for quite some time now but have failed to act upon - Israeli authorities are quickly losing control of Jewish land. The situation is so dire, it turns out, that the Yehezkeli's report only brings to surface a small fraction of the ongoing disaster.

As soon as a coalition government is formed, the matter needs to be addressed as a first-hand priority and the necessary budget allotted towards preventing further damage. On top of policy set by the incoming coalition, imminent action needs to be made in the very first days of the new government. Winning the battle for "Area C" must be made into a national priority.

The illegal building in "Area C" can and must be stopped - and it's within our power to get this done despite the legal steps being taken at the ICC.