PM Binyamin Netanyahu warns: Israel may lose its place in the vaccine waiting list

Netanyahu attacks party heads: 'Leave petty politics behind and ensure the order of vaccines critical for the good of the Jewish People.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Prime Minister Netanyahu released a video in which he is seen strongly criticizing the veto imposed by the Blue and White party on a cabinet meeting intended to approve another contract for the supply of Coronavirus vaccines.

"Happy Passover, citizens of Israel. I am happy to see you celebrating throughout our beautiful country. One cannot take this for granted. Many countries around the world are currently entering [another] lockdown [while] we are doing well, thank God," opened the Prime Minister.

"There are many reasons for this," he continued. "First and foremost this is thanks to us ordering millions of vaccines as well as our health clinics [carrying out the vaccination campaign]. We have led the entire world in this endeavor and will be first to overcome the crisis," he stated.

"We've returned to life as normal but have to remember that the vaccines will eventually expire. We will need millions more in the coming months and years. No one knows exactly when the initial doses will run out, so in order for our citizens to remain healthy and our economy to stay open, we must order million of additional vaccines. Right now," pointed out Netanyahu.

"The good news is the new vaccines will be administered not only to adults but children as well. Unfortunately, there are those delaying the government's approval of the purchase of these additional vaccines and they are playing a very dangerous game," said the prime minister. "Because instead of staying ahead of other countries in line for these vaccines, we are now faced with the possibility of losing our place and [missing out on this life-saving treatment.]"

"This is a threat to public health and our economic wellbeing. Politics must be put aside and the government must immediately approve the purchase of additional vaccines. Happy Passover...God willing, we will continue to be a model of success for the world," concluded Netanyahu.