Shavo Story - Don't Leave Esael to Bear this Burden Alone

Emotional story of the Shavo family, who went through a horrible terror attack in 2002 and today is suffering a severe financial burden.

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עשהאל שבו ליד בית משפחתו באימר
עשהאל שבו ליד בית משפחתו באימר
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Asael Shabo Is speaking out about the difficulties that he and his family have been going through ever since his father was ordered by the court, to pay severance to a Palestinian who he shot.

My name is Asael Shabo. In the year 2002 a terrorist broke into our house and shot to death my mother and three of my brothers. I was shot in my right leg - three bullets left me severely wounded. My leg was amputated afterwards. I was nine years old. My family went through a terrible trauma; our house was burnt down, I spent two years in the hospital following that terrible night.

A few years later we sued the Palestinian Authority. We won the lawsuit, but we were told there is no one we can ask for payment since they are not considered to be a recognized state

With no financial support from our state my father has been slaving for many years to help us rebuild from zero.

Years earlier, in 1996 near Shchem, several Palestinians blocked a Main Street. My father was stopped and an Arab man pointed a gun at him. To defend himself, my father shot and hit him. Ever since then this Arab man has pushed a lawsuit against my father who has been unable to prove self-defense. The court decreed that he has to pay the Arab man 85,000 shekels.

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My father would’ve never hurt a person unless it had been self-defense. He has been volunteering to help the Emergency Rescuers, saving lives for the past 30 years. He saved lives when buses were bombed in Tel aviv. He did it even when I was in the hospital. This is my father. Big heart.

During the years my father had an operation on his hip and he continues to work and pretends that everything is all right when everything is not all right.

He limps and yet he works every day, from early morning until 9 PM just to bring food to the table.

This month we received the demand to pay 85,000 shekels. While we will never see a shekel for what we went and are still going through

This is going to put us in a terrible financial situation. It burns my heart to see that our court system is on the side of terror.

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