To Seder, or not to Seder: Can non-Jews observe Passover?

The universal Passover and every man’s personal Exodus from Egypt.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Passover seder (illustrative)
Passover seder (illustrative)
Flash 90

This week’s Jerusalem Lights podcast is a Passover primer.

Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman offer an amazing and inspiring analysis of the eternal covenant of the Passover offering, the haggadah and the seder night, the unique prohibition against chometz (leaven) – and the significance of Passover for all mankind.

Can Passover be observed by non-Jews? Should it be? Are non-Jews who love the G-d of Israel encouraged to make a Passover seder?

Tune into this week’s Jerusalem Lights podcast Passover special for the fascinating and uplifting discussion.

Plus: The Torah portion of Tzav continues the theme of Temple offerings with which Vayikra began, but the vantage point changes and the perspective is from that of the Kohen. What are the connections between this week’s Torah portion and Passover?