Pollard: I am in Jerusalem - a proof to God's miracle

Watch Jonathan Pollard's message as recorded for an exclusive interview with Yisrael Hayom.

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Jonathan Pollard in Jerusalem
Jonathan Pollard in Jerusalem
Eric Sultan, Israel Hayom

Jonathan Pollard described his being in Jerusalem after 30 years in prison as a miracle in an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom which will appear in the newspaper on Friday.

Pollard recalled his time in prison: "Many years ago, when I was in prison, the officials used to ask me: 'did I ever think that I would walk free?' And I would always ask them the same thing: 'do you believe in G-d?'' [They answered] yes. 'Do you believe that G-d can perform miracles?' And they'd all agree, yes."

"I said: 'well, in that case I'll go free.' And here you have the proof of it, of G-d's miracle. Here I am with my wife Esther, in Yerushalayim [Jerusalem], with Har Habayit [the Temple Mount] behind us, and the Judean Desert to our right. If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is," he said.

"No one should doubt the power of Hashem at all. You just have to believe and keep faith and decide to come home when he honors you with a miracle, and everything will work out just perfectly.

Pollard also explained why he believes he received so little support form American Jews during his years in prison.

"American Jewry has one major problem – they consider themselves more American than they do Jews," Pollard said.

"Their attitude was, 'Get the hell out of our face. You already showed where your loyalty was.' And I always have an argument with these people. I said my loyalty is to the Jewish people and the Jewish state. And they said, 'Well, you don't belong here.' I said, 'Barur [obviously]. I don't belong here, I said neither do you. You should go home.' Their answer was, 'We are home. This isn't exile, this is the United States,'" he added.