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New WooCommerce Solution: Perfect Checkout Gaining Popularity in FinTech

With a great rise in internet shopping during 2020, many businesses are making the leap into digital stores.

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With a great rise in internet shopping during 2020, many businesses are making the leap into digital stores. But the transition isn’t as easy as opening a new account on some online platform, and different platforms offer different pros and cons. One innovator thinks he’s solved this dilemma however, and claims to offer the ‘perfect’ credit card processing platform.

A One-Stop-Shop for Your Checkout Needs

James Rowland has been working on the problem of an all-in-one solution for digital store owners for several years. He launched Perfect Checkout as his response to the dizzying world of online shopping platforms, and it’s gaining attention in the FinTech world. The checkout tool is aimed toward small and medium-sized businesses looking to offer a digital shopping experience for their customers.

Unfortunately, many of these newcomers face distinctive challenges to launching their stores. Upfront costs, setting up inventory, adding design and making a cohesive website are all giant hurdles to overcome. James Rowland can relate, as he faced many similar challenges and even admits that they’re still an obstacle despite his experience:

“I can relate to anyone who’s involved in launching an online store,” Rowland said. “Ecommerce is still in its infancy, and launching even a simple online store can be both exhausting and quickly expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even for me, it’s a big job to get a proper ecommerce website off the ground. I don’t know anyone in my field who doesn’t wish it was easier.”

Offering an Accessible Checkout Process

In short, Perfect Checkout is built to make it easier for growing ecommerce stores to sell their products. Rowland firmly believes that “anyone in the world should be able to sell online”. But platforms like Shopify, Fast, and really most of these platforms have strict guidelines on what you can and can’t sell. This leaves a lot of people in fringe markets without access to a broad customer base that would be able to reach them online.

Perfect Checkout fixes this by allowing any payment method to connect to the platform. One example is the growing CBD market which is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Because of Shopify and others’ restrictions for CBD products, they cannot set up an online store with all the functionality they need to operate. Perfect does.

James Rowland dealt with this specific problem as CEO of StevesGoods.com which cells CBD among other products. They chose to partner with Square, a credit card processing platform, that does allow CBD sales. He used this experience to increase the focus of Perfect Checkout to allow for these types of sales, but also support crypto payments. The ultimate goal is to offer a robust payment processing support for underserved markets all over the world. Amazon and Shopify, Rowland believes, are too big and someone needs to help independent retailers launch their stores.

Gaining Attention on Social Media Platforms

Perfect Checkout’s versatility and adaptability make it an attractive choice for an all around checkout system. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce among others, and it’s popularity has been proven on social media. When Rowland posted a beta announcement for the platform on the WooCommerce Facebook page, he was surprised to receive more than 600 sign-ups just in the first two days.

“I just shot a quick video showing what we built and talking to the camera,” Rowland said. “I blurted out that I think our checkout solution is actually better than Shopify’s now, and I think that excited a lot of Woocommerce supporters who have been wanting a solution like this.”

An Alternative to Expensive Customization

When setting up your online store you want to specifically focus on the checkout experience. This means how easy and enjoyable it is to make a purchase on your page. Many store owners like to customize their checkout to add or remove what they feel will make the experience better for their users. However, platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce and others will make it difficult to use something other than their payment processors.

If you do choose to use a different credit card processing application you can expect a 3% surcharge on every single transaction. Alternatively, Perfect Checkout charges a small percentage of your total sales, plus a low monthly fee. You’ll also face a hefty $24,000 per year fee to customize your shopping cart on a Shopify Plus plan. Not to mention getting a programmer and UX designer to make it all work.

All of these factors explain the initial reaction to Rowland’s new vision for credit card processing and a more accessible platform. Giving the ability for new sellers to opearate increases the potential to change the landscape of future ecommerce consumers. The only thing left to do is test out Perfect Checkout and put it to the test, but at least it’s backed by optimism and excitement.