Gideon Sa'ar: Binyamin Netanyahu breaking Likud party rules

Sa'ar accuses Netanyahu of campaign meddling, says there's 'Zero chance' of party failing to pass voting threshold.

Hezki Baruch ,

Sa'ar with supporters
Sa'ar with supporters
Yoav Dudkovich, New Hope

Supporters of Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope party have been insisting the Likud is behind a campaign to destroy votes cast for the party and misplacing ballots to confuse possible voters.

In the meantime, Sa'ar's campaign said the party chairman was busy touring different locations across Israel, inspecting balloting stations, and persuading voters to support him.

Sa'ar reacted to other parties alleging New Hope would fall short of the voting threshold and said there was no chance of such an occurrence taking place.

Sa'ar also commented on Netanyahu's urging voters to place their support behind the Religious Zionism party, helping them pass the threshold, thus enabling him to form a right-wing coalition government, and said the move broke the rules of the Likud.

"If Likud supporters are openly called upon to cast their vote for the Religious Zionism party, there's no reason they shouldn't side with us," he tweeted.