President Rivlin: 'Four elections in two years erodes public trust in democracy'

President Rivlin 'very concerned' as Israel begins its fourth election in under two years. 'Only you can influence.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

President Rivlin votes
President Rivlin votes
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President of Israel Reuven Rivlin exercised his right to vote today, Tuesday in the elections for the 24th Knesset at the polling place at Yefe Nof school in Jerusalem. Immediately after casting his ballot, the president called on all Israeli citizens to go and vote, saying, “This time, too, I ask you to go and vote. I am voting today for the last time as president, but above all, I do so as a concerned citizen. Very concerned.”

The president added, “With all the difficulties of the current situation, elections to the Knesset are the pinnacle of our democracy. Four elections in two years erode public trust in the democratic process, but only you can influence. There is no other way.”

The president thanked the Central Elections Committee, headed by Judge Fogelman, saying “In these elections, too, committee ensures the right of every Israeli to vote, and that the process will be carried out according to the regulations across the country. They do so in the face of many challenges, particularly that of adapting the elections to the coronavirus pandemic, to at risk populations and for those in isolation.”

“My dear ones, for the last time, and from the heart of the president to yours – please, go and vote. For our children and grandchildren, for all of us,” said the president at the end of his remarks.

From the polling place, the president visited the Central Elections Committee at the Knesset, as he has done in each election during his term of office.