Ephraim Schwatz started having blood clots a few years ago, leading to a heart attack.

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Ephraim Schwatz
Ephraim Schwatz
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Dear fellow Jew!

It is very difficult for me to request you because I did everything I could to do so that I would not need to ask for help from anyone but my pain and anguish overwhelmed me and I have no choice!

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My name is Ephraim Schwartz from Jerusalem, a few years ago I started having tumors of blood clots all over my body, and as a result, I had a heart attack and after the surgery, I had an acute stroke that paralyzed the entire right half of my body.

As a result of the clots, necrosis began in my left leg until the doctors had to excise her.

After all this inferno to my chagrin my beloved wife passed away who treated me with devotion and since then my difficulty and suffering have doubled!

Due to the clots, I suffer from I need to take blood thinners and very expensive medications regularly, and I suffer from terrible pains and wounds in contact of the amputated leg with the regular prosthesis.

The doctors recommended me a special prosthesis that would relieve my wounds and pain but the cost is very high.

In addition, due to my paralysis, I need a special elevator and access to the house and its surroundings so that I can move around in a wheelchair because at the moment I cannot leave the house outside at all and not even move around inside the house and perform routine activities such as showering and going to bed.

I have been suffering for several years alone because I did not want to ask for help at all but this difficult situation is slowly overwhelming me and endangering my life and I am forced with great shame to seek your help!

I thank you for the help and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart that all your desires will be fulfilled for good and you will always be one of those who give in health and happiness.

Thank you!

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