Protesters handcuff themselves to anti-Netanyahu statue

Police remove statue set up outside PM's residence despite protesters attaching themselves to the statue.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem
anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

This morning, Sunday, the Jerusalem Municipality and the police removed the protest statue of the artist Itai Zlait, which was placed yesterday in Paris Square in Jerusalem, near the Prime Minister's residence.

The statue was placed in the middle of the protests outside the Prime Minister's Residence last night. Several protesters, including the artist Zlait himself, handcuffed themselves to the statue in order to thwart attempts to remove it.

Despite this, city officials sawed off the top of the statue, above the base where the protestors were handcuffed.

The Jerusalem municipality said after the removal of the statue: "Over the weekend, a large exhibit was placed in Paris Square without a permit. This is a exhibit similar to the one previously placed on the site, which then too was placed without permission and in blatant violation of the demonstrators' written commitment not to place it without permission."

The announcement added: "Once again, the manner in which the exhibit was placed and located posed a safety hazard in the public space to residents and passers-by, as well as to demonstrators expected to arrive at the square. Therefore, the removal was carried out, in cooperation with the Israel Police and Jerusalem Municipality, and everything for the purpose of maintaining public order."