Boy Wakes Up After Eight Days Unconscious

Then, when his breathing turned shallow, she knew in her gut that something was terribly wrong

Vaad Harabanim , | updated: 1:41 PM

Refoel Cohen
Refoel Cohen

“The doctor walked up to us and said, ‘Listen, his situation is not simple at all. You might want to look away for a moment, and when you look back at him - he might not be among the living.’”

When Chagit Cohen gave birth to her tenth child two years ago, she never dreamed that his beautiful little face would one day cross almost every Jewish website and social media channel. That strangers would recognize him in the streets and walk over to her to introduce themselves. That her son would be fondly labelled by thousands as “a little hero.”

But that’s exactly what happened.

On Lag Ba’omer, when Refoel was one year old, Chagit noticed that his lips had turned blue. Then, when his breathing turned shallow, she knew in her gut that something was terribly wrong. Chagit and her husband rushed to Schneider's Children’s Hospital where Refoel was treated immediately. The doctors diagnosed their son with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

Then a few days later, Refoel shocked every doctor in the ward when he suffered from a heart attack.

“It was frightening. I was so, so scared I would lose him. He was unconscious and on a respirator for eight days. His situation was critical, and they said his chance of surviving was low,” writes Chagit about the nightmare.

“We tore the gates of heaven open with prayer, and Boruch Hashem after eight days, he woke up.”

Today, Refoel receives outpatient hospital treatment on a weekly basis, oxygen treatment at home, and checkups and follow-up appointments. It’s been very difficult during Covid as Refoel needs to be isolated from his very own siblings due to him being high risk.

But now, the doctors have given Refoel’s parents an even more terrifying prognosis:

“The doctors have informed us that Refoel needs a double heart and lung transplant immediately if he wants to survive. This surgery can only be done in the States, and it must be paid for out of pocket.”

Emergency donations are urgently being collected here. Click here to save Refoel's life