Tens of thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu in Jerusalem

About 20,000 people demonstrate near PM's residence in Jerusalem.

Hezki Baruch ,

Thousands protest against Netanyahu in Jerusalem
Thousands protest against Netanyahu in Jerusalem
Shlomo Mor

About 20,000 people demonstrated on Saturday night in Paris Square in Jerusalem near the official residence of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Dozens of protesters sat on the road and refused to leave the area. After a short time, the protesters dispersed and no unusual incidents were recorded.

Actor Lior Ashkenazi spoke at the rally and said, "In three days he will go, in three days Israel will win!

"It is happening thanks to you. The citizens. Not the parties or the politicians. The most stubborn protest Israel has ever known, and perhaps even the most justified, overthrew the government and gave us all the opportunity to re-elect our leaders. Our future. Friends, we fought in the streets for a year for democracy. We fought for a clean government. And now the moment of truth has arrived! We all know exactly what needs to be done. No one must stay at home [and not vote]. Now it's really in our hands. It's only in our hands."