Corruption has penetrated every facet of our public life

The hunger for power is overwhelming our politicians.

Walter Bingham ,

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Flash 90

Hear: About the corrupt and unethical election practices in Israel.

Walter says: All parties’ lack of respect and decency to their fellow citizens may prevent him from exercising his civic duty to vote. No right-wing party presented a clean image.

Our: "Vaccination miracle" is tarnished, not only by irresponsible population groups but also by immoral government action to garner election support.

COVID: The consequences in Israel and the hidden financial cost to people working from home.

The: Cardinal sin of throwing eggs at opponents, while there is shortage of food in many homes.

Israel: Is wrong to allow Jews to immigrate to Israel but not to allow non-Jews and "Palestinians" to do so! Thus spoke a law professor. Walter tells him why it is HE who is wrong.

Also: The warped vacation habits of Israelis

Plus: A word about President Biden’s memory.

And: More