Listen: 'Anglos Talk Politics' with Dani Dayan

New Hope candidate Dani Dayan on Israel's conversion controversy: Netanyahu's successive governments are to blame due to inability to make decisions

Joshua Pacht ,

Dani Dayan
Dani Dayan
Arutz Sheva

Dani Dayan, number 11 on New Hope's list, has worn many hats. A former hi-tech CEO, he is also the former head of the Yesha Council and a former Consul General for Israel in NYC. Summed up in one sentence, you could say that Dayan is a man that doesn't fit the stereotype and manages to make strong connections in unlikely places.

When asked the areas he wants to focus on as a future legislator Dani Dayan said: "Foreign relations is really an area where I think I have a lot of room to contribute, as I was a former Consul General and I know the field well." He also added that as the former head of the Yesha Council, " anything related to Judea and Samaria is of course of special importance to me."

When it comes to the issue of bureaucracy in Israel, Dayan proposed that the answer is importing an e-government based on the Estonian model. "In Estonia there is no paperwork in the relationship between government services and citizens." Dayan added that he believes "It will bring a revolutionary and revolutionize the country at all levels."

Digging deeper into foreign affairs and concerns about the selling of advanced weaponry in the Middle East, Dayan attacked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's handling of the proposed sale of F-35s to the UAE.

"This is not just symptomatic of this specific issue, it is symptomatic of the way many decisions, even strategic ones by Netanyahu in the past years." He added that, "The fact that the Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, both former IDF Chiefs of Staff, were not consulted or only at the last minute, is symptomatic of the way things are conducted in Israel and is detrimental to the decision-making process."

Tune in to the full episode to find out how Dani Dayan thinks we can strengthen relations with the Diaspora community, what should be done about online censorship, and the role of government in such issues in the 21st century, as well as his thoughts on the court conversion controversy.