Khan al Amar: The failed compromise

Residents of illegal Bedouin community offered to voluntarily evacuate in exchange for Israeli ID cards, new land. PM refused the compromise

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Khan al Ahmar
Khan al Ahmar

The residents of the illegal outpost of Khan al-Ahmar have been in discreet negotiations with the government over a voluntary evacuation, in exchange for a blue identity card and the status of eastern Jerusalem residents, correspondent Avishai Grinzig reported tonight (Wednesday) on the Globes website.

According to the publication, the contacts took place in 2019 and were promoted on the orders of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The compromise stipulated that in addition to these requirements, all residents would receive land in the Negev. in which to settle.

The government official in charge of examining the issue in depth was former Defense Ministry adviser on settlement affairs Kobi Eliraz. Eliraz recommended that the government not agree to the outline, mainly due to the fear that this would set a dangerous precedent.

The prime minister accepted his position and ruled against the outline. However, he still has yet to evacuate the illegal outpost despite his repeated promises to do so.

Kobi Eliraz said in response that "as long as contacts have taken place, they are sensitive and confidential and any media noise and trending information about factors will cause unnecessary damage in future attempts to reach silent understandings."

He said, "Netanyahu torpedoed the evacuation process even though it was a ready-made alternative in all its details. The failure to evacuate is a severe symptom of the government's failure in all handling of the Palestinian takeover of Area C and constitutes a severe sign of non-governance in this area."