Knesset approves electronic bracelets for returnees from abroad

Bill stipulates that one returning from abroad will be fitted with electronic bracelet to ensure he doesn't leave isolation premises.

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Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport
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The Knesset on Wednesday approved in second and third readings a bill that allows the use of electronic surveillance bracelets on those returning from abroad, Walla reported.

The law passed with 4 MKs in support and 1 against.

According to the bill, one entering Israel from abroad will be sent to home isolation after being fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet to make sure he does not leave the premises of isolation.

If he refuses to wear the bracelet, he will be sent to a “coronavirus hotel.”

The bill exempts from wearing the bracelet those who have received special permission from the Exceptions Committee for health or exceptional humanitarian reasons, children under 14, or whoever has been appointed a guardian.

The bill also stipulates that the bracelet is to be operated by a private company on behalf of the health ministry. Information on those wearing the bracelet will be kept in a health ministry database maintained by the operating company, and the information is to be erased if it is not required, and no later than the end of the isolation period.

On the other hand, the company will transfer to police and the health ministry information on those it says have not adhered to the isolation or the equipment’s terms of use, and this information may be kept for 30 days.

The 1 MK to oppose the bill, MK Miki Haimovich of Blue and White, blasted the law during the Knesset hearing, saying that the law “tramples the rights of the citizen.”

“It doesn’t meet the standards of a democratic and free state,” she explained.