Matan Kahane: 'There's no way Yair Lapid will become prime minister'

Yamina's MK Matan Kahane says his party aims to replace PM Netanyahu, but refuses to rule out sitting in a Netanyahu-led government.

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Matan Kahane
Matan Kahane
Arutz Sheva

MK Matan Kahane (Yamina) dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's expectation that after elections, there would be those deserting the Yamina and New Hope parties.

"There are no deserters among us," he told 103 FM Radio. "He is not right, and he is not believable."

He added that Yamina's candidates are "idealistic, they believe in their path...why would they desert?"

Kahane emphasized: "The vast majority of the Knesset is right-wing, and now we have to decide if who will form the next right-wing government: [Yamina Chairman MK Naftali] Bennett, who will implement the Singapore plan and reduce taxes - or another Netanyahu government which will do everything to form a government with the Left and drag us to elections over and over again, because he doesn't care."

When asked whether Yamina would join Yesh Atid, Kahane said that Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair Lapid "is a good person. But he is a person from the Left" and therefore cannot be prime minister.

"The people are a right-wing people. So there is no possibility in the world that Yair Lapid will be prime minister. He himself said that he cannot be prime minister - it's a spin from the Likud."

"The person Netanyahu fears most is Bennett," Kahane said. "We intend to replace Netanyahu. We think Netanyahu failed, we think that Netanyahu does not propose plans."

When asked if Yamina would join a Netanyahu-led government, Kahane said: "We want to replace Netanyahu." When pressed, he said, "We do not boycott those believe in Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

"We will make every effort to replace Netanyahu the day after the elections."

"We will have more than ten Knesset seats, and a constellation will be formed that will allow us to form a right-wing government, and that's what's important."