Netanyahu, Lapid to hold pre-election debate?

PM agrees to Yesh Atid leader's demand to hold a debate ahead of next week's election.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Lapid and Binyamin Netanyahu
Yair Lapid and Binyamin Netanyahu
הדס פרוש / פלאש 90 ודוברות הליכוד

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to hold a debate with Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, who is considered his greatest rival in next week's Knesset elections.

"Let's now agree on the interviewer and go to the debate," Netanyahu said at the Channel 20 News conference on Tuesday.

Last week, the prime minister said: "If Lapid wants to make a televised debate and admits he is running for prime minister - I think that will definitely be a positive consideration in my decision whether to hold this debate."

Coalition and Likud faction leader MK Miki Zohar wrote on his Twitter account: "Lapid, do not be afraid. A debate with the Prime Minister will illustrate the difference between the leader of the right and the leader of the left. It is good for the public to know that the left is claiming to crown you as the prime minister without experience and with a poor record in the public positions in which you have served, while the right asks the public to allow Netanyahu to continue in office with his proven experience and historic achievements."

Lapid called on Netanyahu to hold a public debate with him last week at a conference held by Channel 12 News.