Resolution calls Trump "most effective in 245-year history"

Alabama Republican Party passes resolution declathe most effective Presidents in the 245-year-history of this Republic”

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US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump
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The Alabama Republican Party has passed a resolution declaring that Donald Trump was "one of the most effective Presidents in the 245-year history of this Republic." The resolution describes Trump as "one of the greatest presidents of all-time."

Trump will be given a framed version of the declaration at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort, which he made his permanent home after leaving the White House.

The declaration unanimously passed the state party's executive committee. The document lists among Trump's accomplishments low unemployment rates, bringing back American manufacturing, cutting taxes, withdrawing from the "job killing" Paris Climate Agreement and his leadership on COVID-19 vaccine distribution, which it calls "one of the most important feats in medical history."

"The resolution talks about the greatness of Donald J. Trump, how he made America great again and I hope other states will follow suit," Perry Hooper Jr., former Alabama state representative and member of the Alabama GOP's executive committee, said in an interview with Fox News.

The resolution states that "President Trump accomplished more in 48 months than Joe Biden did in 48 years as a senator and vice-president."