Israel leads 'Noble Dina' naval exercises with France, Greece, Cyprus

Israeli missile cruiser and submarine lead 'Noble Dina' naval exercise west of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

התרגיל הבין-לאומי ״נובל דינה״
התרגיל הבין-לאומי ״נובל דינה״
צילום: דובר צה"ל

This week, the international naval exercise "Noble Dina" took place, led by the Israeli Navy. The exercise included cooperation with three foreign navies: Greece, and for the first time, France and Cyprus, all of which took an active part in the exercise deploying vessels and helicopters.

During the joint exercise, which took place in the Mediterranean Sea West of Cyprus, Israeli Navy vessels simulated different scenarios alongside the foreign fleets. Anti-submarine procedures, search and rescue scenarios, and a scenario simulating battle between ships were practiced, among others.
During the exercise, the Israeli Navy utilized a submarine, as well as a Sa'ar 4.5 Class Missile Boat housing anti-submarine systems. During the exercise, the forces implemented a combination of long-range and aerial means of cooperation.

The purpose of the yearly "Noble Dina" exercise, is to strengthen the cooperation between the navies involved and to enrich their repository of operational knowledge. The exercise achieved these goals, as well as strengthening the common language between the participants.
The exercise was completed on Thursday and was pre-planned as part of the training program for 2021.

Head of Naval Operations, Rear Admiral Eyal Harel: "Over the past week, the Navy led a large-scale exercise in which it implemented capabilities in underwater warfare, search and rescue, convoy escort and surface combat. These exercises are of paramount importance in strengthening the Navy's connection with foreign fleets who share common interests."