Smotrich explains plan for Galilee

Religious Zionism has plans that can be realized in less than a single term of government.

Shlomo Witty ,

וולדיגר וסמוטריץ'
וולדיגר וסמוטריץ'
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The Religious Zionist Party published plans to strengthen the Jewish presence in the Galilee during a visit to the city of Acre. The programs cover transportation, construction, employment, health and education.

At the beginning of the event, MK Smotrich signed the Golan Heights Convention in the presence of the head of the Golan Regional Council, Haim Rokach. "Judaizing the Galilee is not a bad word," said Smotrich. "Those who live in peace with the Law of Return must live in peace with Judaism in the Galilee. The concept of a Jewish majority cannot be an abstract concept, it must be reality."

''We want a Jewish majority in Acre, Nod Hagalil, and Carmiel. Today there is a Jewish minority of just 30% The State of Israel must encourage the moving of Jews to the Galilee. "

Referring to plans to strengthen the Galilee, Smotrich said, "I have no illusions or fantasies for you, only practical plans that can be realized in less than a single term. When there is a train to Kiryat Shmona, people will live in Kiryat Shmona and be able to travel and work in more distant places."

''The transfer of the IDF factories to the Galilee created 12,000 jobs right in the heart of the Galilee. Further projects are stuck due to bureaucratic quarrels. I'm not standing here and promising a hospital in a populist way, not with such an excellent medical community and the possibility of home care as developed as it is. The ministry of finance should fund that as a mainstream health care option. "

Regarding the planning for the establishment of a university in the Galilee, Smotrich said: "I regret the decision of the previous minister to cancel the government decision and determine that the University of the Galilee will be in Haifa. A multi-campus university should be established in the Galilee and not in Haifa. "

Further plans from Religious Zionism's for the Galilee include:


Extension of Road 6 to the north to the Kabri junction in less than 5 years.

-Promoting the eastern railway to Kiryat Shmona.

Urban renewal and neighborhood rehabilitation:

-Rehabilitation of the neighborhoods and housing in the peripheral cities, while creating an alternative to NAP 38, and building a plan that will create economic viability and attract entrepreneurs to carry out the projects.

- Providing complementary land to entrepreneurs in projects in areas of demand.

-Tax cuts


Relocation of IDF factories to the Galilee (NCOs) in accordance with Government Decision No. 2262 dated 08.01.2017.

Community Medicine:

Expanding the home hospitalization systems in the periphery by providing incentives to the health funds and the free market.


Establishment of a university in the Galilee in accordance with government decisions.