South Park vaccinates all adult characters thanks to Israel

Satirical cartoon town saved during special 'vaccination' episode thanks to delivery of vaccines from Israel.

Gary Willig ,

COVID vaccine
COVID vaccine
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Israel's massive success in providing coronavirus vaccines saved a cartoon town during a special 'vaccination' episode of hit satirical show South Park which aired Wednesday night.

In one scene, a group of adults are waiting to enter a restaurant but could not due to coronavirus restrictions.

"You know, in Israel they vaccinate everybody. Israel is way cooler than this lame place," says one of the people waiting in line. The security guard tells him "Then go to Israel."

The man responds: "I tried but I couldn't get in."

In another scene from the episode, an Air Israel plane arrived carrying vaccines for the entire adult population of the titular town.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan praised the episode, comparing it to a recent Saturday Night Live segment which was criticized for being anti-Semitic for implying that Israel was only vaccinating Jewish citizens.

"Hey @nbcsnl: this is how you do pandemic humor when it comes to Israel. Watch and learn from @SouthPark," Erdan wrote on Twitter,