From normal mom to 'vegetable'

Staff at the hospital were familiar with the 'regulars' and their visitors, but few moved them more than Mrs. Gittel Adler and her children.

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The Adler family
The Adler family
Vaad HaRabbanim

Staff at a Jerusalem hospital were familiar with the ‘regulars’ and their visitors, but few moved them more Mrs. Gittel Adler & her children: Eight-year-old Chavi Adler would make her way down the sterile hallways each afternoon, accompanied by her older sister Esty. For hours she would sit next to her mother’s motionless body, doing her homework, or reading books. Though Mrs. Adler could not speak, see, or move, the girls felt confident that she could hear them.

It all began when Gittel collapsed mysteriously at home. Doctors found that she had a brain tumor, and it was removed. She was told that she would be fine. When the collapsing continued over the years, and more tumors were found, however, it became clear that all would not be well. She lost her sight, and eventually became a “vegetable,” non-responsive and confined to her bed.

Just before Purim this year, Gittel Adler passed away, leaving behind 6 children, 3 of whom are still living at home. In many ways it is as if they just emerged from a deep sleep. For two years husband Rabbi Adler and his children dedicated all of their energy toward hoping for Gittel’s recovery. Rabbi Adler’s modest income as a tefillin-maker waned as he dedicated more time to tending to his wife’s medical needs and running the home. With Mrs. Adler’s passing however, they awoke to a stark reality: They are in deep, deep medical debt, with no way out. Three children do not have the things they need to survive daily life. And they are all too paralyzed with grief to find a solution.

Esty Adler feels that while her mother couldn’t speak, she had a clear message for her: Look after the family. And so she has opened up a Chesed Fund page, praying that readers will see their tragedy and make a donation in her mother’s merit.

If the Adler kids can get the help they need, they may finally be able to move on from this painful battle, into a safe & hopeful future.