The fake Right Wing Conspiracy Theories

How Conspiracy Theory Proponents of President Trump Explain the fact that he left the White House.

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

A little over a month ago, Tamar Yonah spoke with retired lawyer & political blogger, Ted Belman.

He spoke with confidence that there was a ‘plan’, in which former President Donald Trump would retain power and remain president by ousting the unfairly elected Democrats.

It’s been at least a month since then, and nothing of the sort has happened. So, is Belman still confident of a Trump victory?

Belman ascribes to what people have been hearing from right wing conspiracy theory pundits on videos, claiming that they had ‘inside information’ that the military or national guard was in the U.S. capitol because there were hundreds of arrest warrants already out, and they were going to round up Biden, Harris, Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi, etc, and arrest them.

In addition, Trump would show the world the voter fraud and the crimes of the aforementioned leading Democrats.

Well, this scenario never happened. - it was all ‘fake news’, which shows that die-hards on the ‘Right’ can come up with fake news & conspiracy theories just like the Left.

Belman has been invited back on the show to let you know where he stands at present. He argues with Tamar, and says he still hopes ‘the plan’ will indeed come to fruition. This is a stimulating show, with never a dull moment as both go head-to-head!