Bnei Brak transports elderly to vaccine centers

Municipality teams with United Hatzalah to ensure elderly people who would otherwise be stuck at home can be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hatzalah ambulance
Hatzalah ambulance
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A joint venture between the Bnei Brak Municipality's Social Services Division and the United Hatzalah rescue service has been launched in which dozens of elderly people who are confined to their homes due to complex medical conditions receive special transportation the city's vaccination centers.

The unique program includes the escorting of the seniors by a fully operational ambulance team, with the recipients being transported to the HMOs' vaccination complexes for their well-being, a step that has not been possible so far due to accessibility restrictions and lack of medical staff dedicated to taking care of these seniors.

The initiative, which began at the municipal level in response to vaccination data, is being led by Bnei Brak Treasurer Arik Adler and activity coordinator Sheri Davidovich.

"The names of those in need of assistance are provided by the volunteer unit in the Social Services Monitoring and Tracking Division, and from there to the professional team of 'United Hatzalah', which is managing the operation with great success together with the medical staff required to ensure the safety of the elderly and those who cannot leave home," the municipality said.

During a tour of the project headquarters, Mayor Avraham Rubinstein praised United Hatzalah for its activity. "Once again, it has been proven that when it comes to saving lives and assisting the city's residents, the first address is United Hatzalah. The perfect coordination and initiative of the Social Services Division, headed by Ms. Arlet Moyal and the great team of Ms. Rut Eisen, has succeeded in bring every resident of every age to receive immunization in order to maintain his well-being."

"Vaccinating the at-risk population is the top goal in which the partners save lives as we all see. I thank United Hatzalah, my friends, branch manager Efi Feldman and his deputy, Yisrael Alter, who signed the agreement," he added.