Merav Michaeli: 'Netanyahu sent women back to the kitchen'

Labor Party Charwoman MK Merav Michaeli, on International Women's Day: 'The Labor Party will make Pink Collar revolution.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Merav Michaeli
Merav Michaeli
Flash 90

Labor Party Chairwoman MK Merav Michaeli today issued a special statement on the occasion of International Women's Day, addressing the gender aspect of the crisis. Michaeli is a woman.

"Coronavirus is not behind us when 70% of those fired are women. Coronavirus is not behind us when women are more exposed than ever to domestic violence and sexual violence," Michaeli claimed.

"Coronavirus is not behind us when women are abandoned to their fate in wages and status, but in terms of responsibilities they have to do their job. Netanyahu, in the coronavirus crisis, sent women back to the kitchen."

She said, "The Labor Party, in the strategy of getting out of the crisis, will make the Pink Collar revolution and it will invest in these women workers, who take care of Israeli society. Teachers, nurses, social workers, public service psychologists, assistants, and kindergarteners; all those who do this emotional work and who invest in us and them.

"The Labor Party will give them the status, conditions, and wages, so that women can get the equality they deserve," the Labor Chair asserted.