Why do the naysayers and skeptics want to prevent aliyah?

Why the majority accepts the naysayers argument so readily regarding aliyah, and how to check their skeptical arguments against the truth.

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

New Olim from France arrive in Israel
New Olim from France arrive in Israel
Olivier Fitoussi

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a licensed clinical psychologist and aliyah (immigration) consultant, discusses how the naysayers present their argument in such a practical "realistic" way so that it is easily accepted and followed.

According to Minskoff, this can be very dangerous. It's one thing to present the "discouraging" facts, it's another to present the TRUTH according to Torah which has been consistent for over three thousand years presenting the truth.

There is much argument and truth to being courageous and to avoid the attractive pitfalls of the cowardly naysayers.