Dov Lipman: We have to remember the blessing that we have returned to our land

'Yair Lapid's biggest challenge is not the haredim, it is Bennett and Sa'ar,' former MK Dov Lipman says.

Joshua Pacht ,

Rabbi Dov Lipman
Rabbi Dov Lipman
Arutz Sheva

If you were to list the names of community leaders in the modern Israeli Anglo community, certainly Rabbi Dov Lipman would be one of the names on that list.

A former member of Knesset from the Yesh Atid party, Rabbi Lipman was the first American-born Jew to be elected to the Knesset in close to 30 years. Following his exit from politics, Rabbi Lipman has been involved in many causes, from strengthening haredi secular education, connecting the Diaspora with Israel, and helping Anglos better connect with Israeli politics.

When asked what the major issue Anglos have while living in Israel is, Dov said: "The number one issue Anglos approach me about is bureaucracy. When working with the Israeli ministries you need to be persistent and when you add the language barrier that can make it impossible to do for many."

"There are many projects and budgets to help children of Ethiopian and Russian olim (immigrants - ed.) to acclimate, but with Anglo olim everyone assumes that everything is fine and wonderful, and there are real challenges in terms of acclimations and budgets geared towards that for the Anglo community."

With regards to the upcoming elections, Joshua asked Dov whether he believes Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) would face difficulties being able to form a coalition, due to Lapid's relationship with the haredi parties.

Rabbi Lipman responded: "While it is true that the haredim have said they will not sit with Yair Lapid, I believe his biggest challenge actually lies with Gideon Sa'ar (New Hope) and Naftali Bennett (Yamina). I don't believe they will be willing to crown him as prime minister. Both Bennett and Sa'ar are thinking long-term and want to be the heir to Netanyahu as the leader of the right-wing. While I don't believe Lapid is left-wing, he has been successfully portrayed as such, and as such, I don't see them being willing to crown him."

Listen to the full episode to find out what Rabbi Dov Lipman thinks is the best way to strengthen secular education in the haredi community, what he believes the government can do to better fight the BDS movement, and how we can improve the culture of bureaucracy in Israel.