IDF Chief of Staff: No foreign institution lacking authority will intervene in our work

Chief of Staff Kohavi slams ICC decision. 'We won't allow IDF servicemen to be placed at legal risk.'

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IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi on Wednesday addressed a letter to IDF servicemen following the International Criminal Court's announcement it would investigate Israel for alleged war crimes.

"IDF Commanders and Soldiers,

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) announced today that it has decided to open a criminal investigation into suspicions of war crimes in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This decision is fundamentally invalid and was made in a non-substantive manner and without authority.

The purpose of the IDF is to protect the security of the State of Israel and its citizens, and we will not shy away from continuing to act in a constant and determined manner to realize this mission. The terrorist armies working against us are deliberately stationed in the civilian space, and under the cover of the population and the built-up area they attack the citizens of Israel and from there conduct the fighting.

We will continue to act with all our might to protect the state and its citizens, and harm the enemy. As always, we will do this while maintaining our commitment to the spirit of the IDF, its values ​​and the law. The prosecutor's decision will not distract us from our path. This is our mission, this is our professional responsibility and this is our value commitment.

Throughout the years, the IDF has maintained the law and its values. When deviations are discovered, we are the first to check and investigate, to draw lessons, and also to take steps and use the fullest extent of the law with those responsible when required.

We will not allow any foreign institution without authority to intervene in our activities for the defense of Israel, and certainly not to put IDF servicemen at legal risk.

Commanders and soldiers,
Thanks to your work, the IDF provides protection and security to the residents of the State of Israel, and we will continue to do so. Continue to fulfill your role with responsibility, professionalism and dedication, stick to the task in light of the goal and continue to act in a value-based and determined manner.

Always remember that the IDF stands behind you and backs you up.

Best regards,
Lt. Col. Aviv Kohavi
Chief of Staff"