MK Betzalel Smotrich to Prof Asa Kasher: If you don't retract false post, we meet in court

MK Smotrich responds in scathing post to accusations against him and his party by Prof. Asa Kasher.

Hezki Baruch ,

Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel Smotrich

MK Betzalel Smotrich today responded to remarks posted by Prof. Asha Kasher on Facebook in which he wrote about the Religious Zionist Party, "There are parties that must not pass in silence the differences between us. These are the racist parties, which are infected with terrorism and support the extermination of innocent civilians."

Attached to the post is a photo that includes an article attributing to Smotrich support for the murder of the boy Abu Hadir and the Dwabsha family.

In a response post, Smotrich wrote: "Once upon a time, the title 'Professor' appearing before someone's name was a sign of honor, something that shows seriousness and wisdom, and invites one to take seriously the subject in the title. You and your peers on the crazy Left have lowered that title to near zero. Sometimes even below zero. Almost every time you open your mouth and express a position on a public issue, you insist on proving how much the title attached to you means nothing, maybe even saying the opposite."

"You're not just a professor. 'Professor of Ethics.' Yeah, right. It's hard to find greater ethical and moral decay than this post of yours, which is all a distorted presentation of my words, literally one hundred and eighty degrees from what I actually said. You attribute to me with typical arrogance racism, 'approaching terrorism' and supporting the extermination of innocent people, even though I wrote in the post in question the complete opposite," Smotrich added.

He said, "So either you're just an amateur who relies on a provocative journalistic headline without looking for the source and reading it, or you're cowardly and superficial like plywood and have no intellectual ability to deal with the substantive argument I made in that post, or you're just a reprobate taking things out of context to slam a political opponent. In none of the options do you fit the title of professor of ethics.

"Now you see, I personally do not need a certificate of moral integrity from you and those like you. With your moral decay and loss of values, you are the last ones who can preach morality and be a ruler for something in this field. But I represent the public today. One of the most value-based and moral in Israeli society today. And the honor of this public that you are trampling on, I do not mean to forgive. Although a public can not sue for libel, I can."

Smotrich concluded by saying: "If you do not immediately delete this nasty, false, and slanderous post and publish an apology we will meet in court. If ethics you do not understand, at least you will get a lesson in civil law."