PA: Israel should be punished in a way that deters it

PA "foreign ministry" accuses international community of defeatism in its policy against Israel.

Dalit Halevi ,

PA rally (archive)
PA rally (archive)
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The Palestinian Authority's “foreign ministry” on Sunday condemned Israel's "colonialist" actions in the Jordan Valley, accusing it of seeking to seize Palestinian land and empty it of its original residents.

In a statement, the “foreign ministry” called on the international community to change its attitude toward Israel, "the occupying power in Palestine", and not allow it to evade punishment in accordance with international law.

The bureau noted that the "occupying state" (Israel) is continuing its annexation operations over large areas of Palestinian land, especially in the Jordan Valley, in an attempt to establish facts on the ground.

The “foreign ministry” further stressed that the international community is taking a "defeatist" approach to the violations of international law and UN resolutions by Israel and that Security Council deliberations are no longer sufficient to deter Israel from continuing to commit its "crimes."

In light of this, it called on the international community to impose "deterrent sanctions on the occupying power".