Osnat Ben Shitrit, pregnant woman who died of COVID-19, urged friends to get vaccinated

Osnat Ben Shitrit, who died of coronavirus when she was 30 weeks pregnant, urged her friends to get vaccinated just days before her own death.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus vaccine (illustrative)
Coronavirus vaccine (illustrative)

Osnat Ben Shitrit, the pregnant woman who died of coronavirus earlier this month and whose fetus died as well, urged her friends to get vaccinated, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Ben Shitrit recorded the voice message and sent it to her friends via WhatsApp just a few days before her death, Kikar Hashabbat reported, adding that it had received the recording.

"The thing is that, it's like, every day there are new symptoms," Ben Shitrit said in the recording. "It's just unbelievable. Like every day you think you're almost out of it - and then you have more symptoms and more issues.

"I hope that we'll be done with this. I'm telling you, anyone who can should get vaccinated - don't go through this nightmare," she said, her voice choking.

Ben Shtrit, 32 years old and 30 weeks pregnant, died after becoming seriously ill with coronavirus earlier this month. Her family had initially been against the vaccine, but came out in favor of it after her death. Later reports said that Ben Shitrit - whose husband was vaccinated at the time of her death - had planned on getting the vaccination, but contracted coronavirus before she was able to receive the first dose.