Police refuse to release body of woman killed by glass door

After a tragic death just days before her wedding, a young woman's body is being kept from her family pending an autopsy.

Yehonatan Gottleib ,

זירת האירוע
זירת האירוע
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The Israel National Police have refused tonight (Thursday) to release the body of the young woman who died today after colliding with a broken glass door.

The young woman was supposed to get married in ten days but was pronounced dead at the hospital after a fatal collision with a broken glass door. The young woman's body is currently in the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Abu Kabir, and the police refuse to hand over the body to the family until they authorize an autopsy.

The young woman's brother tells Arutz Sheva, "It's just police abuse. We were told that if we did not authorize the autopsy there would be no funeral and the body would remain there until a court order was handed down.”

According to him, the Abu Kabir Institute does not demand that the body be operated on, but the police insist. The policeman who visited the family of the deceased today said they wanted to rule out the possibility of criminal death. "This is a good girl from a good family," says the young woman's brother. "A youngest daughter who died on the eve of Purim. The police are abusing us. The police are throwing salt on our wounds." Her father adds, “The police’s conduct is causing us more pain than the death itself.

Her funeral was scheduled to take place tonight, but it is now unclear when it will take place. The Israel Police has not yet commented on the incident.