Purim under COVID: Curfew starts at 8:30 PM

Parties banned, leaving home forbidden after 8:30 PM. Public transportation to Jerusalem to be suspended on Saturday night and Sunday.

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police enforce COVID curfew
police enforce COVID curfew
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A night curfew will be imposed on Israeli citizens at 8:30 PM tonight (Thursday) until 5:00 AM. A similar curfew will also be imposed on Friday evening and Saturday evening.

During the curfew, the police will deploy 24 checkpoints on major intercity highways. Police Commissioner Superintendent Kobi Shabtai stated Wednesday night that enforcement of public health regulations on Purim will be uncompromising.

It will be forbidden to leave the place of residence except for the permitted essential purposes, including leaving for permitted work, or leaving up to 1,000 meters from the place of residence. This prohibition will also apply to those staying in guest houses.

It will also forbidden to open businesses during closing hours, except for essential businesses. It is forbidden to hold a party during the closing hours and it is forbidden to stay in another person's house.

The fine for violating the quarantine or staying in another person's home is NIS 500. The regulations will not apply to a locality whose majority of residents are not Jews and in eastern Jerusalem.

Channel 12 News reported that public transportation to and from Jerusalem is completely suspended on Saturday evening and Sunday throughout the day, in order to reduce traffic and celebrations on Purim and thus prevent another coronavirus outbreak.