If he takes on one more shekel of debt, we'll be orphans

Chani, my sister, is engaged. The kallah's happy, the chassan's happy; only my father has a sad face. He knows he doesn't have anything to give her. His debts are already enormous, and he doesn't have even a shekel to help the new couple.

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he doesn't have a shekel to help the new couple
he doesn't have a shekel to help the new couple

Hello, I'm Moishie. I'm 11 years old. I'm the 12th out of 14 children. We have a really big family, and a really simple home.

Old furniture, three small rooms and a dining room full of Abba's sifrei kodesh. Whenever I go to my friends' homes, their homes are nicer, but our home is always a happy one- the happiest in the world!
Last week Chani, the ninth in our family, got engaged. Baruch Hashem eight of my brothers and sisters already got married and the family grew and now it's really, really big. Everybody loves everybody else, and we get along great.

At Chani's vort, she looked really happy. So did the chassan. Everybody looked really happy- but suddenly I saw my father, sitting at the head of the table in the dining room, looking so sad. I hid behind the bookcase and I watched him, and then I heard him whisper to Ima, "In another half an hour the mechutanim are arriving, and I don't have a shekel to give the new couple. I'm afraid they'll get wind of the situation and cancel the whole thing."

I got scared. I remembered that a couple of years ago, Abba started having bad pains in his heart. The doctor spoke with him in this serious way and said, "You can't continue with these debts. If you take on another shekel of debt, your children will be orphans."

But since then, Abba's been a lot more worried. Now he just doesn't know what to do. I started davening to Hashem that the chassan's special family won't want to leave the shidduch when they see how poor we are.


But what will my sister Chani, the kallah, do? How will they set up a home? Who will make them a nice wedding? Who will buy them the things that a chassan and kallah need?

Yesterday I read a letter that was on the kitchen table. I saw the picture of Rebbetzin Kolodetsky; we have a close relationship with her. There, she wrote about our story: "We love this family so much. They're tzaddikim. It's a true 'house of Torah.' Please, help them to marry off their daughter. It's a huge privilege - to help a great talmid chacham and also hachnasas kallah! HaRav Kanievsky himself blesses all donors with all Heavenly blessings, and the names of the contributors will be put on the Rav's table this upcoming Purim."

I was so moved by this letter. I hope you are too. I really hope that my letter will also reach good people who will read it and want to help my Abba, the tzaddik, and my sister, the kallah, whom I love so much. I want that everyone should be happy with this wedding, and not be so worried. I hope you can help us out.